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📸 - BTS of our False Alarm music video Cc @BoiJamin
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Dvtn (formally known as Devotion) have honed their craft up and down the country; From the humble beginnings of playing at local venues such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee, to larger venues such as the Peckham Theatre and the Albany Theatre, to the iconic heady heights of the Hackney Empire, and to place another feather in their cap, Dvtn were one of the first artists to perform in the House of Commons alongside the enigmatic Jermain Jackman (Winner of BBC’s Voice 2014). The dynamic and energetic duo of Dvtn hailing from the multicultural streets of South East London are a seasoned Soul and R&B group. Comprised of a talented brother and sister act; Daniel and Peace Oluwatobi have grown from virtual unknowns to a recognised local and national act, plying their trade and honing their skills performing across the country, as well as internationally since the tender age of 9 and 12 respectively.

Dvtn, the band didn’t just come together by accident, they were forged, tried and tested since an early age. Musically this has been a journey of finding themselves as well as organising their very busy personal lives to ensure that their music is still at the forefront of who they are. Being 2 of a troupe of 8 very talented children in their own right, they found a melodic balance between themselves and the rest as they say, ‘is history!’

There’s nothing I love more than coming across UK talent that remain relatively unknown in the mainstream world but their talent is completely undeniable. That’s how I feel about the brother and sister duo Dvtn. Raised in a home where they’re two out of eight children, the siblings realised at a young age they meshed musically and, as the saying goes, the rest is history. Merging soul and jazz into elements of hip hop, fans of Floetry, A Tribe Called Quest and the like will easily find a place in your collection for Dvtn. Their raw UK sound prevails over any judgement, with blissful poetry in motion encapsulating messages of peace, love and harmony.

– Jay Wrighter (Mobo Awards) One’s To Watch 2016

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